Digitalization. My, personal, Opinion and attitude to this topic is that as a young employee I started with the first PC`S, from the punched tape transmitter to the fax machine, from the car phone with cable and receiver to the first Motorola cell phones to this day, all that „happened“ between mine 20 years of age and now, (except for the fixed line network at home, starting with a 1/8 connection). The human aspect has changed a lot, especially in business life, but also in private life, by far not everything is positive, but not everything either, the greatest danger for me is that the digital age cited above seems to have been created to control, manipulate, steer and profit like no other age before. I don’t like this fact at all, the advantage of Digitization is not used to make life easier or to realize good causes, making it „easier“ in the sense that people are deprived of that independent thinking is „removed“ from people is the wrong approach, humans are the proof in evolution that precisely the way of thinking, along with creativity and the different approaches to a task, brought the human species forward. Only one „valid“ opinion, only one „valid“ direction, only one „valid“ solution will never work in the long run, mono cultures does not work in nature, as we know from agriculture. A certain, sensible „sense of proportion“, in the development and in my opinion very, important, really use the experiences made, really learn from mistakes and rethink, be creative, think differently and always act from the human point of view. © ewald apperle

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