Globalists – Psychopaths – AI * – the Third Antichrist?

Not exactly these words, but the meaning behind them, except for the fourth expression, is very “consistent” right now and in accordance with the prophecies of Nostradamus, who was born on December 14, anno 1503 in France. One of the heads of the globalists, could well be the third antichrist, if you look at the 2030 Agenda more closely and analyze it, it presents itself as a true work of the devil. The actors of this agenda are henchmen who are almost predestined by their psyche to be Narcissists, Pedophiles, Psychopaths and Satanists hide behind political offices, scientists, and finance gurus, but also behind activists such as climate protectors and many self-appointed Do-gooders. The devil’s game and intrigue behind the masks of supposed representatives of the people and hypocritical care. Superficially it is proclaimed to protect our old fellow human beings in particular in reality, they are deliberately abused as guinea pigs, again under the guise of humanity. In the so-called opinion-forming media, which, by the way, belong to this diabolical society of a „new world order elite“, or are bought by them, it is openly discussed whether the number of innocent people killed by a vaccination is at all questionable, where it is but sick anyway, fragile you were already old and above all, it will probably not do the manufacturing company too much harm, the company’s share prices will remain stable. There are such and many similar articles to be read in the media and this shows that it is now about everything for the people! Humanity is in great danger! Fear and ignorance, as well as “having forgotten how to think independently”, through decades of brainwashing through daycares, schools, universities, educational institutions, TV, newspapers and even the new social media. Much of the world’s population has succumbed to these intrigues of the Antichrist and believes that this is the new truth. In the headline I still have KI *, which stands for: Artificial Intelligence. I read an article some time ago about the release of attempts to implant microchips in human brains, in order, to allegedly increase intelligence and performance, no heel is, made, out of having machines with human intelligence and self-thinking abilities develops or tries to connect man and machine, always under the official premise of making people’s lives easier, increasing productivity, etc. In fact, however, this progress does not mean anything good for mankind and it may well, in the near, future be that machines, after they have got the same intelligence as humans and can „independently“ build other machines, will be interested in switching people off, or is this thought downright intoxicating for power-hungry people, the military, etc., these people always believe, that they can rule and control these powers. When the difference between man and machine disappears, the danger is very great and real. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I think about it, read, research, look, observe, listen and I am not afraid. The end of the world is not the same as the end of mankind, the extinction of a species is not synonymous with the death of the earth. Nature, of which we are a tiny, small, part of it, is the measure of all things, not man! But I also hope that not only “suffering”, war, etc. repeat themselves at cyclical intervals of proven masses, but that justice, freedom, and the triumph of good over evil will always occur in time. There are always two directions, two possibilities.You can look and you can look away, you can fight or run away … I think that the freedom and life of us humans, in the sense of creation, is always worth fighting for, I think it’s just legitimate to God and to believe in the good when people already believe in viruses whose existence has not been proven. © ewald apperle

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