Oppression, Humiliation, and child language for the apparently stupid people.

The elected representatives elected to administer the interests and protection of the people turn out to be a traitor and I, who writes such a word, in the moment, probably a National Socialist with this choice of words, but it is only my request the truth about To, record the state of the so-called “authority” of the democratic republic of Austria, I have nothing in common with any extreme political camp. After a year, I call it the “health dictatorship”, which is looming as the biggest fiasco of this state of all time, it is so that from free people, initially by means of baby language, (e.g.: baby elephant), a worldwide advertising campaign, or propaganda the fear of the inevitable in every life, namely death, a stupid people who have become completely trusted in authority, who themselves help to bury this state economically. At this point I would like to immediately revise that the people as, a whole are stupid! From the beginning there are people who saw what is actually true, based on existing facts and what is spread as a lie by the politicians and their lackeys via the mainstream media and the number of those who recognize what is actually happening is also increasing more. From “Carola” deniers and aluminum hat wearers, those free people who have not yet transferred their thoughts and actions to authority are portrayed as enemies of the state in the mainstream media. Here, at this point, I could go back to an old fairy tale to say to the people in the currently popular government language: the wolf in sheep’s clothing speaks to the lambs. The people still allow themselves to be humiliated for the most part and take so-called measures (which are wrong and even dangerous, up to fatal for the hypocritical health care), be it masks or from scarfs to currently FF2P masks, mutations are brought into play so that people can become get vaccinated despite knowledge of countless serious vaccine damage and deaths. The oppression of the people of one’s own people is whipped through with undercover threats and bullying, as well as all illegal restrictions with a dictatorial attitude. I don’t want to write about any details in detail here, that would result in a novel, but the essential, important „key data“ for the government’s breaches of law, which you can read in the judgments of the Constitutional Court and not all of them are: Strict pandemic measures are only permitted if the intensive care beds are occupied much higher than this, not even at 20%, and people are also not permitted! And, also not to order the wearing of masks and in a free democracy, certainly not to deny people the right to demonstrate! To make travel freedom, visits, work, school dependent on compulsory tests or vaccinations and a lot more! The basic rights of us humans are inviolable! In our constitution, these rights are secured, over which the government or, in the meantime, self-appointed leadership of the “dictocratic” health republic of Austria defies them every day. Nevertheless, I, firmly believe that the people we will use this worst event in our recent history to punish the criminals, ours! Restoring normality and changing politics for the future, apart from the sentence: Everything is made by the people … – that „governing“ or the power of rulers and the possibilities of corruption and privileges are strictly monitored, immediately in the event of a violation, fined. People from the people who have the real qualification for the tasks should be elected and only those who are one hundred percent to their people should also represent us. I am convinced that there are these people among us! People who look at other people, without, a main-focus on self-interest, without greed for power and ambitions to rule, people who like to be there for others, as we know it from many fellow human beings, professional groups and disinterested people. Helping other people to protect them when necessary is an honor! There must be an understanding of all of us again so that these people, as they are currently in power, can never again assume such responsible positions in society. Another thing: people need proximity, no distance, neither baby elephant nor two meters, the look into smiling eyes is nice, yes! But the look on a smiling face is even more beautiful! A hug, a handshake from the heart, freedom and enjoying the sun, this is our life, not a brought about – propagated new normality and world order! Imst, 02/30/2021 ewald apperle

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