Starry night, reflection

I stand outside on the roof terrace and stare at the sky. The moon is a flat sickle, the outline of the earth’s satellite is visible like a watermark. I can already make out the big bear and there are already many, many stars twinkling in the still young night sky, almost as many as thoughts in my head or even more? An immeasurably large space and endless expanses in front of my eyes, stars, and planets so far away, their light penetrates, into my mind and, also into my heart. Small, measured in terms of space and time, the world in which we are and which we live and yet, the thoughts and feelings in me move in space, weightlessly and at the speed of light I reach other planets, other worlds. The imagination knows no boundaries, no distance that is too far, no obstacles on the way through the universe. I slowly turn on my own axis while my thoughts circle and ask what if …? and could it be …? and will it be possible …? – take turns with wonderful thoughts about life, about love, about you. Do you look up to the stars too? Maybe right now? And whether your thoughts are also circling between the stars and whether you are also thinking of me? I imagine how the twinkling of the stars of me will convey my message to you, transfer it into your thoughts, warm your heart so that it does not freeze in the dark. That you exist for me, in this infinite size, that you are also here on earth, is a miracle, incomprehensible and yet real. One last look, for this night in this wonderful starry sky, another greeting sent to you, up to the moon, so that it can convey my thoughts to you in the distance. One, good night, sleep well, I think of you. One, I love you! © ewald apperle

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