The power of politics with the help of the media

Whoever controls the media can manipulate the people as they see fit in, order to defame their political opponents with their help.

Lies are brought into the world with the help of the media, in order to set the people in fear or to incite them against „something or those who think differently or opponents …“.

War propaganda is also done collectively through the media, there is nothing that is not done for money!

Every means is right, situations are staged and filmed in which the „opponent or other thinker“ is compromised and claims without evidence are spread, because it takes time for the truth to come to light and until then, Propaganda works great.

People are split into camps, raised against one another for the self-interest of those directors of the production, who use weak and unstable character, corrupt accomplices from politics and the “illusory world of well-known personalities”, “the politicians in turn abuse their position by being obedient to one Most of the civil servants, educators, who serve propaganda to the children, as well as doctors and students who, because of their careers and their weak character, participate without scruples. Last, but not least, as always, there are the mercenaries, such as the police, militia, or army etc. … who serve as tools.

The immunity from everyone. Above all, political propaganda is one of the most important assets!

This applies to my mental and physical health and I am glad that I can use my brain for what it is designed for, namely independently and in unity with the conscience, to think independently and to act accordingly.

The freedom of the individual is inviolable! No regime lasts forever, no empire lasted a thousand years! This as a hint for everyone would like to „over-over“ world rulers and despots! And as a glimpse into the future, as a light of hope, through people’s consciousness, freedom will be regained.

© ewald apperle, March 2021

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