Easter Monday, April 05,2021 2nd Corona Year

I can’t really get it out of my head, namely an ORF radio broadcast on Thursday, April 1st, 2021 in OE1 a „discussion with participants from the medical profession from Vienna, or an Austrian virologist who is currently working in New York, and a politician, (Replenishment of the official who allegedly did the wrong ordering of the vaccination doses), and of course the radio reporter. The subject of the alleged discussion, I have, to anticipate that, allegedly because it was not a discussion at all, everyone agreed that everything that is happening in politics and measures in Austria at, the moment is right. Normally, I don’t watch or listen to any ORF, state propaganda channels, but I was just on the way home from Eastern Austria and just passed the Tyrolean border and yes, at midnight, an exit test imposed by LH Platter comes out of the (note the order), Kufstein district and „Rest-Tirol“, except for East Tyrol again in force! This „compulsory testing“ and the whole set of lies around Corona is already going to be tough, but as I said, I thought I’d listen to a discussion while I was driving the “Inntal-motorway” past transit trucks with a 100 series imposed by the EU Drive home in columns, eat, go to sleep and, tomorrow, work up tax money again in the morning. (In the past, when the day was already over, I would sometimes make a detour to visit friends in the local pub).I cannot and will not be able to reproduce this self-adulation verbatim and in full length, but only what is still floating around in my head, my brain is not available for advertising and manipulation. <p align=“justify“> What was striking was the first round, in which the doctor’s representative immediately put a clean slate on politics by saying: the government has and is doing everything right, the politicians are not to blame! (This will certainly secure his highly paid post, at least as, long as this corrupt government is at work, was and is my thought). The civil servant politician agreed and nobody else asked a question, a But, a veto. Then it was about the vaccination, how great things are going in America, well almost everywhere there the problem of federalism would be even greater than in Austria, where, according to the almost unanimous opinion of the group, the individual countries have too much power and this would prevent or delay rapid implementations (by which they probably meant coercive measures and the repeal of human rights and the like). Summary: Federalism is bad – centralism is good! (Dictatorship). A second point that struck me was the fact that Mr. …. Doctor in every sentence the people with the word: Idiots thought! Really! I could not believe my ears, it’s their own fault! These idiots have, to meet instead of talking on Skype or something – followed by a haha. It is also the people’s own fault that they have to wear this stupid mask, these idiots! haha. And now at Easter, the motorcyclists, these idiots, but should they, that will bring organs, as organ donors they are good, the idiots! haha. There was never an objection from the other participants, the statements were always and deliberately ignored! I thought I was, not hearing right! For an hour, the people are just idiotic! Then one more point about the Astra Zeneca vaccine, the good gentleman would also, if he were thirty years old, have a woman vaccinated with this vaccine! Logical! This was the answer to a question because mostly young women die from side effects such as brain thrombosis. In addition, the good doctor said with his divine ignorance and his extremely black humor that he can cure thrombosis easily and casually, it would now be like adjusting an arm, you only, have, to observe it, recognize it early on and then he saves! Bottom line: side effects and a few deaths? Haha, collateral damage, nothing else, the vaccination is needed! The round was really, euphoric about the pandemic, the possibilities of vaccinations and the „control“ of the situation, a great time for that kind of people, I thought, healthy people are vaccinated and the really, sick rule, determine and treat. Shivers of disgust come over me. Worst of all empty for me, however, is the fact that words like human rights, children’s rights, right to life, right to freedom, democracy, humanity, humane medicine, alternative medicine, etc. have never been uttered! All I have heard is.: centralism, dictatorship, stupid people, crackdown, forced testing, forced vaccination, deprivation of liberty. It is already the second Easter Monday in this “PLANDEMIE”, that I have to experience, it has to be the last! ewald apperle, April 5th, 2021.

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