Non-words, fact check, censorship and opinion-forming

Non-words, fact check, censorship and opinion-forming. It’s not unbelievable what has happened since last year until today. Normally, the people who emphasize would have to, at least, the majority, of people, this so-called Agenda or New World Order or „Carina“ the „killer virus“ and the whole farce surrounding this persistent, for people with a clear mind and view, the intolerable situation Restrictions, paternalism, coercion, and oppression, in short, the robbery of people and civil liberties, not only register and realize and induce resistance. For a person who was born in freedom, grew up in freedom, is used to shaping his life himself, to determine himself, to accept and master the challenges, not only unbearable, incredible at this time, with the, (to be questioned ), Level of education, especially in the EU, the realization that the mass of fellow human beings prefer to conform to what is ordered from „above“, without resistance, without criticism, in dull belief in the promises or Lies of those who take advantage of this fact to enrich themselves and implement their perfidious plans, you can go and endure everything seemingly without will and take part. No measure, no matter how obviously it is inappropriate and useless, is questioned, constraints such as mask, testing or vaccination are accepted as „healing and true“ without knowing what is possibly dangerous about them, just blindly believing that. (I am tries to say: Belief in evil).  Apparently, they are not good “elite people” with their intentions and plans, they represent evil in the constant battle between light and shadow. Nothing, nothing at all, it seems, can stop them from achieving their goals, not even publicly spoken jokes such as depopulation, euthanasia, vaccination pass, dead people to be accepted, human collateral damage, chips, curfew and a multitude of prohibitions and dangerous measures, prevent the mass of people from questioning, criticizing, and boycotting anything of the atrocities for the sake of their own and their children’s freedom and life. In history, there are unfortunately enough examples for all of this, unfortunately it is all the worse, no lessons are learned from it, on the contrary, decades later it is „repeated“ and even taken to extremes. Humans, as slaves, equipped with artificial intelligence, programmed for maximum profit, with minimal effort and after the time has expired, the human machine, (there is nothing more), disposed of, in order, to keep the costs for the general, public low! – These ideas are already concretely advanced and statements that go way back in time from people with sick brains are coming true. Person has, to be productive and after this, there is no longer any use. The great compulsory vaccination therefore begins with this group. Other slave men must be made sterile so that one can then preferably breed with the selected fertile, crossbreeds and races of slaves, as the state and the economy can best use them. “And the stupid will come to the slaughter of their own free will” – this was also written in the 1980s. I am just sad that the masses are really following this path of shadow, even those people who do not want to go from light to shadow defame, denounce and fancy, another two non-words in a society that lives with a sense of proportion, social and No longer knows humanitarian thinking and acting, where everything disappears in the shadow of the darkness of madness, unable to lead a free life. © ewald apperle April 18, 2021

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