No time, we have

We don’t have much time. Take more time for the other, not your goal at, the moment. Normal is time for us is important and right, the other is not important. But now, taking a minute to say a nice word or to write is not an option, because you are busy, with more important things, have other interests at, the moment, that doesn’t mean, you’ve forgotten me! also not that I am important to you! You write, I always think of you, and I’ll get in touch with me, if time allows. You are busy with new, interesting people, the time is short and so much to experience, but it will be different again when you are alone again! Please forgive me for finding you so important that I take the time to tell you I love you so much and you miss you because you don’t steal my time with it. The time until you have time to speak or write to me again, I will dream of you and think of you, forgive me, if I write my affection and love to you with words, too often and probably for you at, the moment too much, but for me the time would be lost, without these words and the attempt to overcome the distance.

It is nice to know that you are thinking of me and I thank you for giving your thoughts to me, but a little time, maybe a phone call or a few lines, words from your mouth could relieve me from the despair that surrounds me packs when I am not so important to you that a little time from you for me is not possible. Sleepless nights with thousands of confused thoughts, tears, secretly and quietly, hope and wait, beg for attention, resignation, understanding and deep pain, true love hurts and deeply it sits, as deep as the feelings I feel for you.

© ewald apperle

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