In the morning, in my head

It is four and twenty-five, with my eyes open, lying on my back, I stare at the walls and ceiling of the bedroom. I’m thinking of you right now, of all the beautiful things that connect me to you. Four o’clock and thirty-five, a rooster is already, crows outside, the first warm rays of sunshine hit the ground and penetrate the cracks in the blinds into the room, throwing orange patterns on the wall. I watch the patterns, how they get bigger and the color changes from orange to yellow and then to white, while in my head a film full of memories of shared experiences, such as on a cinema screen. It is getting lighter in the room and at five o’clock, forty, it is daylight despite the blinds closed. What will this day bring me and what will you? I get up and go to the window, open it and immediately I feel the warming sun, just as it feels when I hug you. Slowly I open my eyes again, which I had closed during the previous thoughts and for a moment I thought to feel you behind me, your body, how it hugs mine, skin to skin, we are naked, only covered, with the warmth of the sun and our body heat, I turn to you, and we kiss, each other. I look out into nature, it was a short, daydream, the first dream of that day, it followed the last dream of the night, where I also thought of you. A smile, conjure up the thoughts of you and the sun in my face. What are you doing right now? And do you also think about it, do you also think about beautiful things, about us? To me? If you were next to me, I would kiss you and, look, into your face, tell you I love you! (Excerpt from the not yet published 3rd book) © ewald apperle

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