What remains?

Man, endowed with inviolable, basic, freedom, and human rights, regardless of origin, social class, skin color, culture, religious denomination, according to the theory in the so-called western, civilized industrialized countries. Written down and anchored in constitutions and laws, these inviolable, undisputable, non-negotiable rights have been nothing more than empty words on documents for the last two years, degenerating into empty shells, the supposed achievement of modern, civilized mankind just a farce. It’s just a lie, an illusion. The existing negative has overridden all these, beyond any doubt, important and correct humanoid guidelines for life with lies and with the help of corrupt, bribable, politicians, bought media and even those who have taken a hypocritical oath, contrary to established rights and Laws. Ethics are degenerating into empty words. Even the church, whether its fear of losing power and influence, does not stand by the people, not by its flock, on the contrary, the church “leads its flock to the slaughter”. What remains now, with these highly vaunted rights, laws, and values?
What remains? If the only thing that has always been done is when the people become too lazy and too comfortable to think for themselves and act responsibly, then this circumstance is immediately and unscrupulously exploited by the henchmen of evil. It seems like a no-brainer when you look at the story to get the „sheep“ to come to the butcher on their own. Manipulation instead of human rights, that’s how you could describe the current situation in a nutshell.
Manipulation replaces thinking, lies the truth and instead of believing in a god, power and money are worshiped. What remains of the rights that ancestors fought for with blood, sweat and death? The realization remains that most of the humanity cannot do anything with freedom, be it because these people are stupid or pathologically paranoid.img-20150403-wa0006

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