Dark soul

Deep and lost in thought, the soul dark and the heart heavy. Bittersweet memories and dreams. Love hurts when you move away Can’t feel and feel the skin of my loved one, needs the warmth now and the closeness; If she were lying here, I could hear my love breathe, then I also felt the sweet life in me. So, sadness has a firm grip on me, thoughts on the sea of ​​longing, surging up and down like a dark ship, once towards the sky, then towards the bottom of the sea again. Monsters in the depths of the lake of longing.A glimmer of hope on the horizon, the moon, it can deliver a message from my loved ones, you can whisper that I want to be with her. Also, a kiss, he is supposed to deliver and tell her: without her love and closeness I will freeze to death. My soul dives down into the shallows to the bottom. Thoughts of the nice time for two, my soul up again, floating to the surface, towards the light, towards love. A back and forth like the steady tide movement, so are the feelings, I feel them deep in my stomach. Dearest do you feel, do you feel it too? At the next meeting all dark thoughts will pass again. The sun will shine bright and warm our hearts. Then, later, when we have, to part again, they come again, the pain of the lovers. © ewald apperle (excerpt from the 2nd book, Mee(h)r der Sehnsucht, ISBN 978-3-7103-3957-8)

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