I stand in front of you, in front of your grave, staring at the photo of you, it is as if we were, looking each other in our eyes, like when you were still alive. I have quietly started to pray an, our father, besides, my thoughts are in the times when you were not yet dead. I’m talking to you, saying that I miss you! I would love to have you with me now, have a beer with you and talk to you about this and that. I’ve been doing this for more than twenty-five-years, I deeply regret that I never said to you that I love you and that you are the best father in the world to me! Also, I would have needed you often, I still miss you very much after all this time, I have, to wipe tears from my eyes while I stare at your picture on the tombstone. It’s just time that separates us, I think to myself, time that goes by so quickly. I’m here with my motorcycle, come on, I’ll take you with father, we drive towards the setting sun, forget sadness and separation, let us feel the wind of freedom and eternity, it dries our tears and carries our hearts to the light opposite. © ewald apperle

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Schriftsteller, Hobbyfotograf, Naturliebhaber, Sport, Musik, leidenschaftlich in Allen was ich tue ... Writer, amateur photographer, nature lover, sports, music, passionate in everything I do ...

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