My thoughts wander in a desert

December 30th, 2021,My thoughts wander in a desert, looking for the edge of the desert, a mirage keeps popping up in front of the mind’s eye. Sometimes an oasis comes in which the thoughts linger, indulging in beautiful dreams and memories that refresh my soul, like the water of a thirsty man. After a certain period of enjoyment and well-being, a look out into the wasteland, into the distance, at the very end of the thought seems to be a horizon, just a line, a narrow strip, while time slips away like grains of sand between my hands. There is a departure in my thoughts, further through the unreal, over obstacles, sometimes also outside I think myself into this time. A clear goal in mind, there at the end of this sand and rubble desert in which corruption, coercion, extortion, and coercion must rule day and night, where rules contrary to the life created by God destroy everything human, where darkness takes over the cloak of slavery tries to expand humanity and life itself only serves the disdainful Mammon. My thoughts, however, are attracted to the light and with an enlightened soul I wander through the dried up and withered fields until I am completely free and in the light. Even here, in this unreal place, my thoughts are not subject to any absurd set of rules, no dictated or given opinion, no compulsion, they are as free and as bright as the light, no matter how long my thoughts wander in this desert, they will find the way, the right way, into a future in which love creates a blooming paradise out of every large and inhospitable desert! © ewald apperle

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