time without light

A new age of darkness dawned two years, ago, shadow beings crowd out the little light that still shines. Corruption thrives in the dark and lies are everywhere. The mass of people is averse to the light and pays homage to the intentions and untruths of the dark forces. Humans have forgotten that they are all creatures of light, that they too come from light and will eventually return to light. True faith is absent from those who follow blindly, they themselves resign themselves to the darkness as black, standard measures, acting against the light, blinded, and deceived and willing to stay away from the light. It is a dark age without light, but the people who do not turn away from the light and go even more into the light, celebrate the fellowship of light in the circle of their kind, they all know that the truth with the light also this age of darkness will survive and the shadow beings with their darkness will have to give way to the divine again. Dark souls, shadows, and darkness never last, devour each other into a black dark nothingness! No chance for the shadow beings to get into the light, the darkness has a firm grip on their spirit and soul. © ewald apperle

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