The big Theatre

… I just turned to the great theater or the staging of the world theater again during dinner and realized that lies and the reversal of facts are, so to speak, the quintessence of the performance. The screenplay of the so-called mainstream media worldwide bears this “signature” unmistakably. The majority, of the spectators are also the actors of the farce, the rest are also unintentional and forced. It’s really, really, big theater with the main themes of dictatorship, power, war and the spread of fear and terror. Since time immemorial, fear has been the means to generate oppression and slavery on the one hand and power and wealth on the other. You have, to conquer fear to be free again, to get out of this play. As a human being you can only be free, that’s what we were created for, that’s what we are destined for! We have, to reflect on that and use it to introduce the final scene. … © ewald apperle April 21, 2022

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