You held my hand, I yours, I caressed your face, tender and full of love, a deep look into your wonderful eyes, you are mine. A smile and a kiss followed, your lips as sweet as honey, the taste like sweet, ripe berries, I’ve been missing these feelings for a long time, how much I want you! I stroked your hair, felt your skin, so wonderful. Meanwhile, your hand caressed my thigh and instantaneous pleasure between my loins. It’s always like this when you touch me with your hands. Throughout the journey, passion with every tender touch and endless longing for the end of longing, after such a long time! A dream came true, time together, time with you, I felt deep happiness inside me.

All day blazing desire, lust, and longing, like a big fire, a fire roller that nothing can resist in me. A pleasure were the hours, the joint experience and sharing of impressions and pictures that were offered to us. When we arrived at the hotel, my lust was about to explode, you „redeemed“ me, absorbed my desires and desires, let me float into another world.You didn’t want to have your longings and desires satisfied until later, so we set off and enjoyed dinner together.

The time, time for two, the time with you literally flew by in no time, back in our room I could hardly wait and finally, I could explore your body, feel your skin tenderly and follow the traces of my fingers with my lips and yours Tenderly and passionately satisfying lust, tasted your sweet nectar and floated skyward with you again. Between my loins was felt again large. My arousal, the erection, lust literally welled up from inside me, kissing I was over you and slowly, trembling and twitching with great lust, millimeters, millimeters closer to heaven, our bodies flew, floating in a timeless universe, like in We staggered through space and time. This feeling, this state, this bliss, every time we love each other, indescribably beautiful and for eternity. Look into your beautiful eyes and I see, feel, how happiness flows through my body. It gives me great pleasure to sleep with you, to be in you, united and one. Once again you took my lust into you, again weightless my soul and my spirit. Caresses, caresses, kisses and caresses, words and looks, touches and after a while finally tiredness and sleep. This sleeping was a special one because you lay next to me all night and that is always special because we very rarely get to enjoy this kind of nights together.

I love you, love you with every fiber of my body, with every thought and my heart beats for you! The morning, waking up and getting up together was also like in a dream, indescribably beautiful and before we even got out of bed, we floated again in this indescribable, timeless, nothing – just us – you and me. A breakfast together, also a novelty, and another wonderful day in togetherness began.
This day and night, as well as the following morning, were just as wonderful and indescribably beautiful as it can only be with you.Grateful for this experience, grateful, this word is not the word I’m looking for, it doesn’t come close to expressing my feelings about how unique and heavenly this time with you was. Too, quickly, as always, such a happy time comes to an end, but besides all the longing, there is always hope in me that the next time is not too far away.

After the high-flying, there is a hard landing on the ground of reality when everyday life takes over again, and you are no longer with me. Longing and melancholy take the place of exhilaration and floating. Melancholy and a sad heart, hope for salvation. © ewald apperle

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