In the morning, I dream of you, like a picture of the first light on the horizon, your face in my head and I feel warmth inside me. It’s getting lighter and my thoughts of you are like the first rays of sun that touch my skin, like tender kisses from your lips. I immediately feel bliss and a desire to kiss you too and, like the sun, to touch your body gently. In the bright light I see you in front of me, beautiful and desirable. Longing envelops my thoughts in my morning dream of we, the thought that you are next to me, and I can taste your love, enjoy tenderness, and satisfy the longing for you. Only a morning when you are real and touchable next to me is even more beautiful than this dream of your body in the morning light. The dream of longing accompanies me in the new day and in the evening when I fall asleep, also how much I love and need you. © ewald apperle

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