Again, and again

Again, and again the longing in my thoughts they have been with me ever since you were no longer with me and now that you are even further away than usual, especially bad. All attempts to distract me are short-lived, then you are, images of you are back in my head and melancholy washes over my heart. The thoughts do not want to go away, like an insurmountable wall that rises high into the sky, they hold my soul captive in a labyrinth of longing, longing, and desire. Can my thoughts reach you, your heart? Do you feel like me and do you feel the longing in you? When you’re with me, time flies by in an instant and everything seems weightless, now it doesn’t want to pass at all, it seems like an eternity until we see us again. Even working can’t keep you from being in my head, longing keeps returning and melancholy envelops me, my feelings trapped in a cocoon of fear and despair. The most beautiful thing in the world, love, it hurts so much. ©ewald apperle

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