Done with this world (Transhumanism)

It is and has been, at least for a long time, that I am simply done with the world by the evening of certain days at the latest. I think about this and that, about the contempt for politics and its puppet existence by corporations and certain elite circles, whereby my brain is spinning at the thought of B.G , M.Z., K.Sch. etc. – elitist associated with fascism, dictatorship and contempt for human beings and the existence, the attitude of many fellow human beings reminds me of blocking animals or domesticated pets. Values that do not have their place in the coexistence of a society by chance, facts given by nature are turned into the opposite by the media, everything is manipulated towards a new, artificial society turned away from nature! Female and male are, for the most part, common throughout nature on this earth, predominant genetic and physical characteristics of living beings and plants. Exceptions, which there are occasionally, should now be the primary thing, should nature suppress and instruct? What an image of insanity that reveals itself to me when I think of these disgusting thoughts that creation fails because of the „supposed“ masterpiece of man himself. Irony? Or, simply arrogance, that (self-)appointed elite of the human species.

Nobody knows where the path leads to, nor where it ends. What is decisive, however, is that many people think about the state of current society, make their opinion known and resist despite being unwanted and oppressed, and will necessarily fight for humanity, so as not to perish, as a „thing“, equipped with glasses with so-called AI, (artificial intelligence), as a slave of a self-proclaimed, criminal, and malicious minority. There is only one correct way for people and that is humanism! © ewald apperle

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