The interview to the book

How did you get the idea to write this book?

The idea of ​​writing a book arose the first time I „read“ a book in a paperback book. This book was written by a local author from Mils near Imst and includes poems and texts on nature, seasons, life and love. The linguistic realization of the topics and the pictures, (which the author painted himself), fascinated me. In doing so, I thought of my already existing texts and poems and the countless pictures in my head and my photographs.

That would be a challenge I thought. The thought did not let me go, I gave to some people that I knew well, but also which I knew less well or not at all, readings of my poems to hear their reaction. At the same time, I had accumulated more poetry and poetry books and read them myself with enthusiasm and still reading in these books. My poems were very well received by the „test persons“ and the question of whether these were published and available for purchase was asked by all readers. People thought that these texts should be accessible to other people. From that point on, I was determined to put the idea into action.

How long have you written for the book?

In about eleven months I wrote the poems and texts for this first book

What is especially important to you in the content of the book?

It was and is important to me that my language my „interior“, my feelings and yearnings are transported authentically and in my own words to „outside“, the pictures in my head And also pictures that I made, (photos), dressed in words and be visible (readable) in poem form or as text. Readers should also be able to feel these pictures while reading. It is important to me that when writing I feel exactly what is written on the paper.

Have you already written other books? This is my first book I wrote.    Do you write more books? I carry a lot of ideas for more books. A second book is so far „ready“, the date of publication is not yet fixed. I also write many short stories and texts, as well as other poems. Whether these will be published in book form, I can not say from today’s perspective.


Text fragments from my first book

It’s hard for me, very deep in me. Dark thoughts I feel. In my mind thoughts of despair, sorrow and longing circle. The air constricts me, see pictures dark and black in front of my eyes, would like to drive them away, would like to think and believe in something beautiful. My heart beats slowly and hard, it seems like it did not want anymore. Cannot see the images in the head clearly, do not interpret and do not understand. I strain myself, try it, try to guide light into the darkness, open my eyes wide and look out the window. But I just stare like through hollow tubes on a tree on which branches a raven sits and croaks. …. © ewald apperle

Fussgänger u. Radweg, Wien Jan. 2018

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